Subaru IMPREZA Automotive Cylinder Heads

Automotive Cylinder Heads for Subaru IMPREZA

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Subaru IMPREZA 1.8 LTR H-4 Cyl SOHC EJ18E

Fits 93-97

Notes: 16V OHC 1H4

Price: $335.00


Subaru IMPREZA 2.5 LTR H-4 Cyl SOHC EJ253 EJ259

Fits 05-10

Casting No: V25 T25

Additional Applications:
Subaru – BAJA  2005 to 2010
Subaru – FORESTER  2005 to 2010
Subaru – LEGACY  2005 to 2010
Subaru – OUTBACK  2005 to 2010

Notes: SOHC 16V H-4

Price: $535.00


Subaru IMPREZA 2.5 LTR H-4 Cyl DOHC EJ255

Fits 04-10

Casting No: D25 B25

Additional Applications:
Subaru – BAJA  2004 to 2010
Subaru – FORESTER  2004 to 2010
Subaru – LEGACY  2004 to 2010
Subaru – OUTBACK  2004 to 2010

Notes: 16V DOHC H-4

Price: $800.00


Subaru IMPREZA 2.5 LTR H-4 Cyl DOHC FJ-257

Fits 04-10

Additional Applications:
Subaru – WRX-STi  2004 to 2010

Notes: DOHC 16V H-4

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Subaru IMPREZA 2/5 LTR H-4 Cyl SOHC EJ251/252/253/259

Fits 99-04

Notes: 16V SOHC H-4