Legal Notice

Our priority at Clearwater Cylinder Head is to ensure that you, the customer, receive only the highest standard of service.

We firmly believe that all customers, walk-ins, phone orders, and online orders, should feel comfortable and save in every facet of his or her purchase. To ensure that our visitors feel safe and secure with every purchase made online via our website, we have released the following, a privacy statement outlining and disclosing the practices followed at Clearwater Cylinder Head to secure your privacy.

Our Practices

Clearwater Cylinder Head is here to serve you in every way possible. When we receive an order you will be required to give us the following information: name, demographic information (address, state, country, zip code etc), telephone number (with the exception of eBay customers), and payment information. The information you supply when you purchase from Clearwater Cylinder Head is used only by Clearwater Cylinder Head to verify customer identity, shipping destination, and payment methods. This information is also needed so that we can contact the customer, if necessary, concerning their purchase. Customer satisfaction is what Clearwater Cylinder Head works for every second of the day.

Your Privacy

Purchasing items online can be stressful for consumers. Many questions may arise concerning your privacy. Clearwater Cylinder Head understands your concerns and we will do our very best to make sure that your feel one hundred percent safe with every purchase you make online. When purchasing an item from us we know that you are placing your trust in us and we value your trust. Clearwater Cylinder Head has no hidden business partners who will receive your information. The information you supply is used only by us. We do not sell or lend your information in any way. The information you provide is used only in the distribution of our products to you, and identifies you as the customer.


When purchasing an item from Clearwater Cylinder Head you must provide us with information concerning your identity, location, and payment method. Supplying us with this information enters you, based upon the agreements and statements made within this document, into a consented agreement allowing Clearwater Cylinder Head to use your information for confirmation of a purchase made from this site, the delivery of your order and the payment method you wish to use. Again, no information is ever shared or misused. Clearwater Cylinder Head will charge you only for the items you purchase and you will never receive any charges you are not previously informed of.