Clearwater Cylinder Head, Inc. is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and is pleased to offer this warranty

We invite you to read this entire page carefully prior to installing your cylinder head. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Parts Warranty − Clearwater Cylinder Head, Inc. hereby warrants its fully reconditioned cylinder heads and new cylinder heads from all defects in materials, and will replace or repair the defective parts. No Labor.


**Not Applicable to Commercial, Industrial, Performance or Marine Use – The Warranty for Commercial, Industrial, Performance and Marine is for 90 Days**


Damage caused by improper installation, accidental over heating, abuse or neglect. Loss of time, use of vehicle, phone calls, inconvenience or consequential charges. Fluids, tow charges, rentals or diagnosis. Repairs made without prior authorization will void all warranties. R & R prices are based on an estimate not to exceed the price of an exchange cylinder head.

Core Returns:

Core returns must be returned within 30 days from date of sale or you will be charged according to your original method of payment which could include charging your credit card.

Warranty Requirements

  1. PROOF OF PURCHASE − Proof of Purchase is required for any repair to be covered by this Warranty. The owner of the cylinder head must present the original purchase invoice. The repair of replaced parts shall be covered by this Warranty for the remaining period of the Warranty.
  2. INSTALLATION − Our Warranty only applies if the cylinder head is identical to the original cylinder head which it replaces, and if a qualified mechanic representing the standards and installation procedure shown by approved manuals carefully installs it.
  3. USE − Our Warranty only covers normal use. Damages to the cylinder head attributable to improper installation, misuse, improper use, alterations, modifications or accident will cause the Warranty to be null and void.
  4. HEAT LEVEL INDICATOR − A “Heat Level Indicator” is installed on each of our cylinder heads. Should the center part of such indicator melt or be modified following engine overheating, or should it be removed, this Warranty shall become null and void.
  5. PRIOR NOTICE − In case of any defect, please contact us immediately at the number indicated on this website in order to recieve the proper instructions PRIOR TO REMOVING THE CYLINDER HEAD. Any repairs done without our prior authorization shall cause this Warranty to be null and void. All claims must be submitted within THIRTY (30) DAYS of the cylinder head failure.
  6. EXCLUSIONS − Except to the extent of Prohibited by Applicable Laws, no other warranties whether expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, shall apply to the purchased cylinder head. Under no circumstances shall Clearwater Cylinder Head, Inc. be liable for consequential damages sustained, including towing, vehicle rental, hotel accommodations, meals, lost time, damages caused to engine parts other than the cylinder head, etc.