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We are one of the largest cylinder head remanufacturing plants in the U.S., whose only business is the rebuilding/exchange of automotive and truck cylinder heads in both foreign and domestic markets. Our reputation is built on total and complete customer satisfaction, which is why each product undergoes the most stringent testing standards today.

We Remanufacture Cylinder Heads

All work is done on our premises and starts with a complete tear-down and thorough inspection of every head entering our shop. After a complete evaluation of all components, its on to our state-of-the-art, 3-Step thermal cleaning system and magnafluxing; followed by our unique submersible pressure testing tank which checks for final hidden cracks and imperfections.

We rebuild marine heads as well, CLICK HERE TO SEARCH MARINE HEADS.

At this point, the head enters the second stage of our high tech machine shop where ASE certified machinists and technicians handle the precision stages of restoration to ensure you of superior workmanship and quality every time. CBN resurfacing is performed to eliminate the possibility of head warpage. Valve seats are triple angle high performance cut. Each valve is machine dressed at the stem and face, conforming with OEM specs. All springs are tension tested, and worn rocker studs are replaced when necessary.

In addition new freeze plugs, pollution plugs, valve keepers and valve seals are installed. The cylinder head is then vacuum tested to ensure proper seating of all valves. Specifications and technical updates are readily available with our AREA data program. This information is utilized during the remanufacturing process to ensure accuracy at all times.

Only after a final inspection are heads stamped with our CCH insignia, packed and shelf stored in our climate controlled inventory area. All this and more, linked with the courteous and friendly service you receive equals the pride put into the quality you deserve.

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We do have some high performance parts available. These will be identified when you search for Brand and Model of the vehicle…..


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