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Since it first debuted in 2009, the BMW X1 has been an incredibly popular subcompact luxury crossover for the brand. Thanks to its smaller size but excellent efficiency, it has gone from strength to strength throughout its three generations. Today we’re going to share the history of the BMW X1 and discover some surprising facts and common issues you may face with this vehicle.


The History of the BMW X1

The BMW X1 is a subcompact luxury crossover that first hit the market in 2009. This first generation of the vehicle was based upon the E90 3 Series, offering drivers rear-wheel drive as the standard option. At that time, it was the smallest SUV offered by the company, coming in at a smaller size than the X3. This size helped to offer a lower price tag while still providing drivers with the efficiency they expect from the brand. The all-wheel drive option was also available to consumers at an additional charge, helping to keep the base price of the vehicle down.


In 2015, BMW launched the second generation of the X1, which involved a switch to front-wheel drive. The vehicle is still the second smallest SUV that BMW has produced, with only the X2 coming in at a smaller size. This year, the brand released its third generation of the X1, offering a range of vehicles, including electric motor and plug-in hybrid options.


BMW X1 Awards

The BMW X1 has won many awards during its time on the market, including winning the Best Premium SUV for two years in a row. It has received an APEAL Power Circle Rating of 5 out of a maximum of 5, which made it one of the top options in the Small Premium SUV category.


In May 2016, the vehicle also received a Good rating on five crashworthiness tests, which gave it the highest possible rating offered by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). As you can see, both the safety and reliability of the vehicle have been acknowledged year after year, showing just how good an option this car would be for families around the world.


High Mileage – BMW X1

When considering the BMW X1, you no doubt wonder how long it could last for. The good news about the BMW X1 is that it’s considered to be a very durable model, lasting for up to 150,000 – 200,000 miles. Of course, the vehicle must be handled with care and well maintained to reach this figure, but you can expect to enjoy 10 to 13 years of use from it without needing to invest a huge amount in maintenance and repairs.


Sales History for the BMW X1

The BMW X1 took a few years to be offered to the US market after a strong start in Europe. While the vehicle sold under 9,000 units in 2012, in 2013, it was purchased by over 26,000 drivers in the US alone. The US and Canadian markets are certainly not as strong as the European and Chinese markets, but 2017 saw the company sell over 30,000 vehicles in the US alone for the first time. The vehicle has decreased in popularity slightly in the last two years, but hopefully, now that the world is returning to normal and the third-generation vehicle has been released, we’ll see an increase in sales in the US and Canada once again.


Common Problems with the BMW X1

While the BMW X1 generally receives favorable reviews from drivers, it isn’t without its fair share of issues. One of the most common complaints we hear from drivers is regarding the cylinder head, which may need repairing or replacing after some time.


The second-generation model has more issues in this area than the original one, and replacing the cylinder head can be very costly at BMW dealerships.


Other issues that drivers regularly experience include with the cooling system, the AC and heater systems, and with the paint and overall exterior appearance of the vehicle. As it’s not the cheapest vehicle on the market, you’ll certainly want to ensure you keep an eye on all of these areas to get many years of use from the BMW X1.


Surprising Facts About the BMW X1

For a BMW, the X1 is considered to be quite low in price, often nicknamed the baby SUV for the brand. That being said, the car still offers drivers a fantastic trunk space, which can actually be extended more when you fold down the rear seat bench.


For drivers considering moving over to a hybrid vehicle in the near future, BMW Brilliance Automotive first introduced a plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle in 2016 at the Chengdu Auto Show in China. It was first made available for the Chinese market following this, attracting a wider customer base than ever before. There have been adjustments to the vehicle throughout the generations, which is why it’s remained so popular to this day.


BMW X1 Driver Reviews

Reviews of the BMW X1 are generally very positive from drivers. They appreciate the lower price point when compared to other BMW vehicles and luxury brands, which helps to make this a more affordable high-end vehicle for families.


The efficiency of the car is excellent, making it a good option for anyone who clocks up a fair amount of miles on a weekly basis. On top of that, the smaller size when compared to other options on the market makes it easy to handle and a good option for anyone who doesn’t feel confident driving a larger vehicle.


While the BMW X1 certainly has a few challenges for vehicle owners, it’s a fantastic option for anyone looking for a smaller vehicle in this category. The new 2022 model will likely only continue to boost sales in the US and worldwide, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this popular BMW model. While there are some reliability issues in regards to the cylinder head, with good maintenance and care, you can enjoy many years of use from the BMW X1.


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