What Should You Do If Your Cylinder Head Needs to be Repaired?

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Has your vehicle been experiencing symptoms of cylinder head failure? Are you unsure what steps to take to get your cylinder head repaired? Unfortunately, cylinder head failure does happen, but can be caught early by being informed. By understanding the symptoms, causes, and preventive actions to take, cylinder head failure can be avoided while preserving the quality of the engine.

It is important to ask yourself a variety of questions before getting your cylinder head repaired. While there are plenty of videos on how to fix a cylinder head at home, it should be done by a knowledgeable mechanic with reputable parts from a trusted company, such as Clearwater Cylinder Heads. Keep on reading to find out what you should do if your cylinder head needs to be repaired.


Cylinder Head Repair – What are the Symptoms of Cylinder Head Failure?

Cylinder head failure can be caught at an early stage by paying attention to the visible symptoms. If symptoms are ignored, further damage may occur to the engine and the overall performance of the vehicle. Here are the most common symptoms to notice if your vehicle is experiencing cylinder head failure.

  • Oil Leak. Oil is essential for providing lubrication for the cylinder head while removing additional heat to the engine. If the cylinder head is damaged or cracked, the oil will begin to leak. You can look out for an oil leak by monitoring the check engine light.
  • Coolant Leak. In order for the engine to maintain temperature, coolant is placed all around the engine. Similar to an oil leak, if the cylinder head is damaged or cracked, the coolant will begin to leak.
  • Decline of Engine Performance. Since the cylinder head is an essential component of the engine, a failed cylinder head will show through the decline of engine performance. It will be most obvious on an incline or after a long stop since the engine will be working extra hard.
  • In order for the engine to properly function, there needs to be a build-up of gases and air. If there is a lack of compression due to leaking valves, it will cause the engine to misfire. Misfiring is not only harmful to the engine’s performance but reduces the gas mileage.
  • If all other symptoms have been ignored, smoke tends to be the final symptom of cylinder head failure. Smoke is caused by leaked exhaust gases in the engine. While this only happens in severely damaged cases, it is important to get a repair or replacement ASAP!

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms, we highly recommend you get a vehicle inspection to prevent additional engine damage.


What Causes Cylinder Head failure?

After knowing how to identify cylinder head failure through the symptoms, it is important to know what causes it. Cylinder head failure is most commonly caused by a head gasket failure, warping, valve failure, or cracking. The damaged cylinder head overheats therefore creating more stress on the engine itself.

Due to the natural wear and tear of driving, it should be considered that a cylinder head may need to be replaced on account of the end of its lifespan. Over time, driving causes high stress on the engine and its functions. Cylinder heads are designed to withhold stress and damage, but eventually, vehicles may need a replacement.


How to Prevent Cylinder Head Failure?

On average, cylinder heads should have a lifespan of five or more years, that is, if the correct prevention care is in line. In order to get a full lifespan out of a cylinder head, it is recommended to keep up to date with inspections and routine maintenance. A skilled mechanic knows how to prevent any warping, cracking, porous contamination, or head gasket problems. Additionally, outside of your scheduled maintenance, we recommend keeping the coolant at a proper level to avoid overheating.


Video on Cylinder Head Failing Symptoms and How to Diagnose

How Often Should I Replace My Cylinder Head?

Cylinder heads should be replaced whenever your vehicle is showing symptoms of failure. If properly cared for, a newly installed cylinder head should last as long as the engine. The lifespan also depends greatly on your average mileage. In general, replacing a cylinder head immediately after symptoms of failure will allow the vehicle to perform the way it is meant to and last longer.

Why is it Risky to Fix It on Your Own?

While there are plenty of How to Repair an Engine at Home videos online, most videos focus on the head gasket, not the cylinder head. If a cylinder head is improperly replaced or installed, it can cause more long-term damage to the engine and the car. Some people attempt to repair their own cylinder heads due to the cost factor, but this actually offers more opportunities for needing to pay damage repairs.

Although it may be tempting to attempt the repair alone, the repair requires a certain level of mechanical background and experience to efficiently perform the job. Since the repair is highly technical, it should be approached by a professional mechanic in order to ensure quality.

Who is Qualified to Repair Cylinder Heads?

When looking for a mechanic to repair your cylinder head, it is important to look for quality and turnaround time. Not every mechanic or auto shop can guarantee the same high standards. Our mission is to provide you with top-quality remanufactured and rebuilt cylinder heads. We work every day with mechanics across North America to get cylinder heads repaired in vehicles with top quality parts.

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Top 5 Cars Needing an Engine Repair

According to Consumer Reports, these specific car models and years have been the most problematic with needing a full engine repair. They gathered their data from their Annual Auto Surveys to determine the models with the most problems areas at a low age and mileage.

  1. 2014 Kia Optima
  2. 2013 Kia Sorento
  3. 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
  4. 2011 Hyundai Sonata
  5. 2012 Subaru Forester



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