What is a Cylinder Head Resurfacing Machine?

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The cylinder head resurfacing process is an important aspect of maintaining the health of your vehicle engine and cylinder head. Without resurfacing, you run the risk of head gasket failure and compromise the overall quality of the cylinder head. Not only will a resurfaced head have a better finish, but it will also increase the compression ratio. In return, your cylinder head will function and look as good as new. While it is a relatively inexpensive service for a mechanic to complete, some people opt for their own DIY project. Sure it can be done, but will it be worth the overall cost, time spent, and effort?


Types of Cylinder Head Resurfacing Equipment

For starters, what is a cylinder head resurfacing machine? A cylinder head resurfacing machine is used to restore the finish and flatness of the engine and cylinder head. Over the years, as the auto industry has continued to advance, so has the machinery used to maintain the auto parts. Grinders and belt sanders are considered dated options for resurfacing since there are more precise and reliable options nowadays. Even though wet grinding can produce similar results to newer equipment, it still makes for a large mess and big cost. Belt sanding makes it very difficult for a mechanic to achieve that shiny, brand-new look.

That’s why the most affordable, time-efficient, and reliable option is dry milling. This quick and easy process can produce a professional-looking resurface for your engine parts. Check out the video below to see the results that milling can produce.


Cost Breakdown

When it comes down to the overall cost of a cylinder head resurfacing machine, you can expect the price to be significantly more than what it may be worth to you. If you are a mechanic or are planning to start doing multiple resurfacing jobs, then buying one of these machines would be worth the cost since you would eventually get your money’s worth out of it. As for completing a DIY project and only using the machine when necessary, you would be looking at spending $30,000 to $45,000 for a brand new machine.

Instead, you should pay a skilled mechanic to do the job for you which is only around $500 to $700. It is important to note that the larger the cylinder head the larger the price. So, 4-cylinder engines and 6-cylinder engines will have a lower cost for the service than say an 8-cylinder engine. Overall, for the cost of the machine and the effort to resurface, it would be a better use of money and time to pay someone else to do it. As long as you take care of your vehicle and get regular maintenance, you shouldn’t have to get a resurfacing job done often. Check out the short video below to see a price breakdown of cylinder head resurfacing.


Signs Your Cylinder Head Needs to be Resurfaced

Don’t know how to determine if your cylinder head needs to be resurfaced? Find out the top three signs you need resurfacing and what you should do if you have experienced them.

  1. Uneven Surface Finish. Your cylinder head must have an even surface for it to operate correctly. Without an even surface, you may have problems with other parts of the engine. You can measure the surface finish by using a comparator gauge to see if your cylinder head is within the desired range.
  2. Head Gasket Failure. If you have an uneven surface, you run the risk of compromising optimum head gasket sealing with the cylinder head. In return, this leads to head gasket failure. Resurfacing the cylinder head will create an even, clean, and secure seal between the parts.
  3. Oil or Coolant Leaks. It is never good to have oil or coolant leaks from your vehicle. If you are noticing oil or coolant leaks, this is a direct sign that something is off in your cylinder head. You will want to get your cylinder head inspected to see if resurfacing will resolve the problem.

If you have experienced any of the following, you should reach out to your mechanic to get an inspection. Prolonged symptoms can result in long-term damage to the engine and vehicle.

Check out this great, informational video on how a machine shop inspects and resurfaces a cylinder head.


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