How to Choose the Best Car Mechanic to Replace the Cylinder Heads in Your Vehicle

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Are you looking for a car mechanic to replace your cylinder head but don’t know where to start? At some point or another we have all needed a car mechanic. Money is spent on the car itself, but maintaining the car is another expense. It can even be a greater expense if left in the hands of a bad mechanic. Clearwater Cylinder Heads knows a thing or two about finding a qualified car mechanic to replace your cylinder head. We compiled a list of our recommendations to find you the best option for your vehicle. Read to find out how to find the best in your area!


Personal Recommendations

One of the simplest and easiest ways to find a mechanic is to ask people you know. At some point, most people have had to replace their cylinder heads. By asking for a recommendation from a friend, coworker, or family member, you will get their insight and personal experience on the best car mechanic they have used. Even better, if they are loyal customers, you may be able to be referred for a discount or a price match. Since you personally know the person giving you the recommendation, you are more likely to trust their mechanic to replace your cylinder heads. Through these conversations, you will be bound to find a credible car mechanic who can replace your cylinder heads.


Do Your Research

With heaps of information available at our fingertips, use it to do your research. You can Google search the top car mechanics in the area and look at each of their customer reviews. Customers can leave honest reviews on Google without them being removed. Learn from other customers’ experiences and see what they have to say. Additionally, forums are a good place to check for a more casual, upfront review of top car mechanics in the area. After finding a few potential places, you should do some research on the average pricing for a cylinder head repair on your specific vehicle. Know how long it should take to repair so that you know what to expect.

If a place does not match the researched price range or length of repair for your vehicle, place your business elsewhere. By doing your own research, you save yourself from potentially losing more money or someone causing more damage to your vehicle.


Specializes in Cylinder Head Replacements

While finding any credible car mechanic is great, you will want someone who specializes in cylinder head replacements. Like any career, there are always areas where people have their own expertise. Just as you would want your surgeon to specialize in the necessary surgery, you want your car mechanic to specialize in the area of need for your vehicle. Some car mechanics may be able to do most jobs but will specialize in certain repairs. You want to find someone who knows everything about cylinder head repairs specifically with your vehicle model. It is not worth risking a damaged engine or vehicle because it was assumed the car mechanic knew what to do.

Below is an example of a car mechanic that knows what he is talking about. Turbo John assesses a damaged cylinder head and shows his process to repair it. His specialization in cylinder heads shows through his extensive repair.


Check Qualifications and Accreditations

Regardless of how extensive or impressive their recommendations, reviews, and specializations are, you should check a car mechanic’s qualifications and accreditations to see if they can back the claims up. Any reliable car mechanic should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). By checking their qualifications and accreditations, you are being ensured by the industry standard of auto mechanics. It not only shows their professionalism but their knowledge in the automotive industry. Businesses that take these certification courses pay out of their pocket to learn and take exams. You want a car mechanic that takes initiative with staying up to date in their field by maintaining their qualifications and accreditations.


Look for Warranties

Not all car mechanics offer warranties, but it is important to find one who does offer them. If a car mechanic is confident in their ability to repair your cylinder head, they will replace any defective parts if anything is improperly installed. A warranty is a reflection of the quality the car mechanic can ensure to their installation. Be sure to read the fine print just to know the full extent of what the warranty covers. While a warranty is not necessary, it gives peace of mind knowing there is a free repair just in case they did it wrong.



Even if a car mechanic is matching all the standards you like, it may not be worth driving far out of the way for their service. Surprisingly, convenience is a key component when selecting a car mechanic. If you have to drop off your vehicle to get a cylinder head repair, you would want it to be nearby for pick up. A cylinder head repair can take up to or over a day so you want the mechanic to be located at a convenient distance. If you do not have a vehicle to borrow or someone to give you a ride, you would have to pay extra for an Uber or car rental. While it may seem like a smaller component to finding the best car mechanic to repair your cylinder head, consider convenience to be the bow on top. You want your repair to be as smooth as possible with no possible transportation hiccups.


Clearwater Cylinder Heads

Choosing the best car mechanic is not an easy task. While we can provide you with tips and recommendations for what to look for, we can provide all of that to you here at our facility. For over 25 + years of business, Clearwater Cylinder Heads has been providing our customers with our top-quality cylinder heads.

Our professional team is dedicated to manufacturing, inspecting, restoring, and replacing cylinder heads on all vehicles. We can guarantee you to be a satisfied customer through our quality work and customer service. Clearwater Cylinder Head is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and is pleased to offer a warranty. If you are looking for a car mechanic to repair or replace your cylinder head, look no further than Clearwater Cylinder Heads! Learn more about what we do in our interview with Chris Does What on Youtube.

Please call us to inquire about new cylinder heads for your vehicle by calling us toll-free at 1-800-572-1963. We look forward to serving you!