BMW 325i Cylinder Head Replacement

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Founded in 1916 in Germany, BMW never ceases to surprise the world by bringing innovations, such as the BMW 325i cylinder head, to modern automobile manufacturing. Following its 100 years of impressive history, BMW is now the country’s (USA) top seller of luxury automobiles and the 21st most valuable brand worldwide in 2019, according to Forbes. BMW thrives to create driving pleasure from the perfect combination of dynamic, sporty performance, ground-breaking innovations, and breathtaking design.

As one of the most desirable non-M models, BMW 325i is perceived as an enthusiast car. The sedan is great for a weekend full of errands or an enjoyable daily road-trip for work. Unveiled in 1985, the BMW 325i is one of the very first BMW all-wheel-drive vehicles that not only offers improved traction on different surfaced roads and weather conditions, but is also known for its great handling. The exterior design is as fascinating as the speed it provides. But what’s under the hood?

Cylinder Heads of a BMW 325i

The secret that made BMW 325i and other BMW 3 series different is the six-cylinder engine under the hood. Since 1991, the BMW 325i model emerged with more sophisticated enhancements, including a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder with an aluminum head fitted in the heart of the machine. The latest BMW 325i model was introduced in 2006 with a power boost rated at 215 HP while being more fuel-efficient than its predecessors.

Although most BMW 325i cars are at least 14 years old by now, owners of this model report that their cars still drive strong if maintenance has been done right, especially on cylinder heads. As it is where the process of burning fuel and air takes place to help to power your vehicle, it is crucial that 325i cylinder heads remain in good condition. In general, BMW cars have a very strict tolerance with the cylinder heads (especially when it comes to overheating).

In order to prevent severe engine damage, you can watch out for symptoms of leaks or cracked cylinder heads. Weak engine performance, oil leakage or low coolant levels are also initial signs of trouble. If you see white smoke come out of the tailpipe, it is likely a severe crack. The crack should be repaired as soon as possible by a qualified mechanic. Installing a new engine cylinder head is a smart way to mitigate the problem. You can also consider rebuilt cylinder heads as a more affordable option. In any event, consulting the professionals will allow you to better troubleshoot the engine problems and hopefully lead you to the best and most practical solution given the age and value of your BMW.

Why Clearwater Cylinder Head

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