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The Dodge Intrepid was a popular full-sized front-wheel drive sedan, which was produced by Dodge during the model years 1993 to 2004. During this time, it soon became known as one of the more affordable vehicles for families, and those looking for a larger everyday car. Today, we’re going to discover more about the history of this vehicle as well as the pros and cons experienced by its drivers over the years.

History of Vehicle and Vehicle Profile

From 1993 to 2004, the Dodge Intrepid was produced by the company, offering drivers a full-sized front-wheel drive four-door sedan. The vehicle was offered to the public for the first time in 1993 when it soon became popular with drivers looking to carry larger parties or more cargo. The design can be traced back even further to 1986 when the designer Kevin Verduyn first mocked up the exterior design. While the vehicle was generally popular for the start of its run, the later models had so many flaws and issues, which is what led to its discontinuation in 2004.


What Are The Engine Specs For A Dodge Intrepid?

The exact engine specs for the Dodge Intrepid will depend on the year of the vehicle you purchase. The 2000 model had three engine options, allowing you to choose between a 2.7, 3.2, or 3.5-liter engine. However, this was the start of the many issues with the engine, which was one of the most common complaints with the vehicle. The engines were all V6 gas engines, which is typical for this type of vehicle.


Approximately How Many Miles Per Gallon Did a Dodge Intrepid Get?

One of the goals that the design team set when designing the vehicle was to offer an excellent miles-per-gallon ratio for drivers. The average gas mileage for the Dodge Intrepid ranges from 22 to 25 miles per gallon, depending on the model year. The Dodge Intrepid was used as a research platform for hybrid electric vehicles, with the ESX design team for these models managing to achieve up to 55 miles per US gallon. However, the cost of the vehicle was too high to consider going into full-scale production.


What Sedans Competed with the Dodge Intrepid?

The Dodge Intrepid was very competitive in its market during the many years it was sold for. It is closely related to many Chrysler vehicles, such as the 300M, Concorde, and New Yorker, as they were all built using a similar platform.


North America Sales History of the Dodge Intrepid

The first generation of the vehicle started off with fairly strong sales. In the second generation, the company marketed the vehicle to both the commercial and government markets, with the Intrepid Police Package being sold in the later years. In its last few years, the sales dropped off a lot for the vehicle, starting at 111,000 in 2002, and declining to just 7,880 in 2004.


Reviews from Dodge Intrepid Drivers

When you search for reviews of this vehicle online, you’ll find they are very mixed. As we mentioned, the endless problems with the later models of the vehicle led to its discontinuation, which is why it’s no longer sold on the market today. At the start, it was seen as a very reliable vehicle, offering you the chance to enjoy a good value-for-money car with fair mileage per gallon. The vehicle was a great option for families who were looking for a good everyday car to transport their loved ones around in.

However, over the years, the problems started to increase in frequency with this vehicle. Major issues were reported with the vehicle, such as the Dodge Intrepid getting stuck in park, and unable to move when needed. Another huge issue was a buildup of oil sludge which led to engine failure. While not all drivers have issues with the car, you’ll find that enough did for it to receive a lot of negative press over the years.


High Mileage Dodge Intrepid Stories

The Dodge Intrepid can typically do 200,000 – 300,000 miles, but you’ll find there are some great stories of people who have managed to extend the life of the vehicle much longer. One couple, Jon and Jenn Riehl, drove their 1999 Intrepid to the 540,000-mile marker, showing just how sturdy and reliable it could be when maintained well.


Common Problems with the Dodge Intrepid

Unfortunately, there were many problems with this vehicle over the years. The major one that led to the vehicle’s discontinuation was the engine issues, particularly as a result of oil sludge build-up. This issue is a very costly replacement for vehicle owners, and something that many people don’t want to deal with when the vehicle starts to age.

Other drivers noticed that the dashboard started to crack and tarnish, leaving the interior of the vehicle looking unsightly. Engine knocking was another problem noted by drivers, with the 2000 model being the one that reported the most issues. Check out this video for more information about common issues with the Dodge Intrepid. The vehicle was typically ranked the least reliable from the manufacturer, but thankfully, the company has still produced many great cars for drivers.


How Long Do Dodge Intrepid Engines Last?

The length of time your engine will last will depend on various factors, but typically, you’ll find it can do between 200,000 and 300,000 miles. Your cylinder head may need replacing over time, which can cost up to $2,000. However, many of the later models with issues didn’t manage to last much over 100,000 miles without needing a major repair, which is certainly not ideal.

As you can see, the Dodge Intrepid has been quite a challenge for the company, which led to the end of the vehicle’s life. Ultimately, the Dodge Intrepid was a reliable vehicle in its earlier years, but the engine issues we saw from about the year 2000 onwards caused many problems for drivers. You’ll want to be very mindful about the maintenance of your vehicle if you are still driving the Dodge Intrepid, so that you can do all you can to extend its life.


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