Ford Bronco History and Replacing Cylinder Heads

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The Ford Bronco represented a significant milestone for the company as its first SUV entered the market in 1966. Six generations later, it’s a vehicle that many drivers wish to preserve to enjoy its many benefits. Keep reading as we travel back in time to discover the history of the Ford Bronco and how you can extend its life by replacing its cylinder heads.


History of the Ford Bronco

The original idea for the Ford Bronco started with the company’s product manager, Donald N. Frey, who wanted to add an SUV to their vehicle line-up. Paul G. Axelrad engineered it, and in February 1964, Lee Iacocca approved the first production model. The Bronco was designed as an off-road vehicle to compete with other popular SUVs of the time, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and Jeep CJ-5.

Five generations of the Ford Bronco were offered from 1966 to 1996, and then a sixth generation appeared for the 2021 model year. In 1978, the vehicle was enlarged, so it became a short-wheelbase version of their F-Series pickup truck. The car was discontinued in 1996 due to a decline in sales, but fans of the vehicle were excited to see its relaunch a few years ago. This new generation of the Ford Bronco is offered as a mid-size two-door SUV or full-size four-door SUV and competes with the Jeep Wrangler.


The Ford Bronco Small Block Engine

The small block engine was used in this vehicle, which helps to set it apart from other SUVs on the market. The company created this series of 90° overhead-valve small-block V8 engines from 1961 to 2000, a successor to its Y-block engine. The engine was designed to reduce weight, have two-valve-per-cylinder heads, and have a separate aluminum timing chain cover.


North America Sales History for the Ford Bronco

In its first year on the market, the Ford Bronco sold over 18,000 units, which was competitive for its time. Over the next decade, sales stayed around this level, increasing to 30,000 in 1977, its highest sales figure since the launch. While Ford Bronco had strong sales for the first decades, it was still in the market, and the decline in sales in the early 90s was the main reason behind its discontinuation. In 1994, the company sold 37,000 units, but this dropped to 28,000 in its final year in 1996.

The new sixth-generation Ford Bronco has been performing well for the company, selling over 94,000 units in 2022 and increasing to 127,000 units in 2023. The SUV’s durability, classic design, and long life are the main reasons it has been successful in the North American market for so many years.


High Mileage Stories for the Ford Bronco

Owners of the Ford Bronco often praise how many years and miles the vehicle can offer drivers. The new generation of Ford Bronco can easily last 150,000 to 200,000 miles with reasonable care, and most of these vehicles enjoy at least a decade on the road. There are reports of Bronco owners having over 230,000 miles on their vehicles from the ‘90s, which shows why some of these cars are still around today from earlier generations.


Driver Reviews Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a hardwearing and long-lasting vehicle ideal for long journeys. It is often more comfortable than other options, such as the Jeep Wrangler, and provides good support for drivers. With good care and maintenance, you can enjoy many miles and years of the Ford Bronco, and many drivers love the classic design and colors on offer.


Common Problems with the Ford Bronco

While the Bronco is generally considered fairly durable, electrical malfunctions are more common in the newer generation. Issues can range from dashboard errors to poor wiring and flickering lights, which you will want to get a mechanic to check out. In May 2022, there was an investigation into Ford engine failures, catching the eye of hundreds of Bronco drivers.


Ford Bronco Cylinder Heads – How to Select the Right Head for your Bronco?

When choosing to replace your cylinder heads and improve your engine performance, you must review the casting number. Selecting the right casting number will ensure you purchase cylinder heads compatible with your vehicle year and engine type. If you don’t select the right cylinder head, you may damage your engine more than good.


Replacing Ford Bronco Cylinder Heads

If you are confident about working on your vehicle, consider replacing your Ford Bronco’s cylinder heads. This replacement can save a lot of money on labor. Watch this video to discover how to replace cylinder heads on a 1972 Ford Bronco and decide if you can do this alone or would rather leave it to a mechanic.


Don’t Buy a New SUV – Extend the Life of Your Ford Bronco with New Cylinder Heads

Buying a new SUV is a costly purchase. Many vehicle owners are looking for ways to save money and extend the life of their current vehicle, especially if they still enjoy driving it. One of the most effective ways to extend the life of your Ford Bronco is to change your cylinder heads. Keeping your cylinder heads and engine in top condition allows you to enjoy a safe and smooth ride for many more years. The better care you take of your vehicle today, the longer you’ll be able to use it.

Interest in the sixth-generation Ford Bronco has increased again recently, with the launch of the sixth-generation Ford Bronco in recent years. By taking good care of your car and replacing the cylinder heads to improve performance, you can enjoy long drives and adventures in your Ford Bronco for many more years.


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