Ford Edge History and Cylinder Head Replacement

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The Ford Motor Company is a household name when it comes to the auto manufacturing industry. The storied company has amassed an impressive lineup of vehicles from their humble beginnings in 1903. One of their popular recent releases is the Ford Edge. The Ford Edge is a crossover SUV introduced in 2007.

The first generation model came out to rave reviews and a high safety rating which cemented its positive expectations for the future. The first model sported cloth seats, single-zone manual air conditioning, AM/FM stereo with single-disc CD/MP3 player, and 17-inch painted aluminum wheels. Multiple trim levels followed this one such as the SEL which included everything previous models have had as well as six-way power driver’s seat, dual-zone electronic automatic temperature controls, leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise control, five-way switch pads and secondary audio controls, and much more.

The second generation debuted in 2015 and sported many technical upgrades that vehicles were starting to incorporate across the map. Such upgrades included a new Taurus and Explorer-like grille, new headlights, LED combination tail lights, increased interior room, and a rear-view camera. However, in 2019, the Ford Edge received a facelift and added a whole array of upgrades and features.

The Ford Edge is still in production with no signs of stopping as safety, comfort, and durability have been a focus that many have noticed.


Ford Edge Awards


The Ford Edge has been recognized for many awards and achievements throughout its life and for good reason. With supreme safety and durability, the Ford Edge offers peace of mind while driving.

  • Named one of the “Best Cars for Families” by Parents Magazine (2007).
  • Earned the IIHS “Top Safety Pick” rating
  • The 3.5-L Duratec 35 V6 engine was awarded the title “Top 10 Best Engines” by Ward.
  • Won the J.D. Power and Associates’ 2007 “APPEAL Award


Ford Edge High Mileage Stories


With how durable and reliable the Ford Edge is, it’s no surprise that the Ford Edge has no shortage of high mileage stories from drivers. Many drivers enjoy documenting their journeys and comparing mileage numbers to see who has the most miles. With proper care and attention, you can easily add on the miles to your Ford Edge. One man displayed on his YouTube channel a video of his 200,000 mile Ford Edge and discussed how he achieved such a feat.

There are also a lot of examples on forums such as this one where many users discuss tips and tricks for high mileage as well as boast about their own. Some numbers on the forum range from 5,000 to 92,000 miles — which is impressive.

If you want high mileage on your vehicles, then please make sure you are taking them for routine checkups / maintenance and replacing parts as soon as they break / fail.



Common Ford Edge Problems


Unfortunately, like most vehicles, the Ford Edge has some common problems that have been reported from many drivers across North America.


  1. Faulty Airbags

2016-2017 Ford Edge was recalled in February 2017 for malfunctioning airbags which were replaced for free as the faulty airbags violated the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.


  1. Faulty Brake Booster

The brake booster’s diaphragm in the  2007-2015  models might develop a tear due to changing driving conditions which can lead to a hissing noise when pushing down the brake pedal. It can develop into a  larger issue such as brake malfunction so Ford extended the warranty for brakes.


  1. Clicking Noise from Wheel Area

After around 75,000 miles in the 2007-2014 years of the Ford Edge, there may be a sudden clicking noise in the wheel. To remedy this, the plastic cladding between the wheel must be replaced as there may have been space developed between.


  1. Illuminated Door Ajar Light

The 2013 model of the Ford Edge has been reported to have a few electrical issues including the door ajar light remaining illuminated despite all doors being sealed. This may not seem like too much of a problem, but it can quickly drain your battery or provide problems with locking the doors.


  1. Air Conditioning (A/C) Overheats

The 2011 Ford Edge has an unfortunate problem where the A/C overheats and just blows hot air. This usually happens when reaching over 170,000 miles and can be fixed with a replacement cooling fan and timing belt. However, it can be an expensive fix depending on how bad it has gotten.



The Importance of Cylinder Heads in a Ford Edge (or any vehicle)


Cylinder heads are crucial to the lifespan of your vehicle. A broken or cracked cylinder head will cause the engine to run less efficiently – if the engine runs at all. If your cylinder head is not taken care of or becomes cracked without repair, then you may need to do a total engine replacement on your vehicle. Replacing your cylinder head is a much less expensive option if you are able to notice the cracked or damaged head early enough. You will want to consult with your trusted auto mechanic to decide next steps. We encourage you and/or your auto mechanic to call us so that we can help you in the product selection / purchasing process. Our staff has years of experience and is often able to suggest ideas that may save the customer money.


Buy Replacement Heads @ Clearwater Cylinder Heads


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