8 Surprising Things about the GMC Terrain

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The GMC Terrain is a popular vehicle with drivers around the world who appreciate its size and performance. If you are considering purchasing this vehicle, you’ll want to take the time to learn more about the vehicle’s history, the awards it has received, and the common problems which drivers experience. Keep reading as we share eight surprising things you may not know about the GMC Terrain.


  1. The GMC Terrain is the Company’s Smallest SUV

The GMC Terrain takes the title of the company’s smallest SUV to date. It’s a crossover SUV that is sold by GMC. The company falls under the American manufacturer General Motors, and it was built using GM’s Theta platform. However, the company updated the manufacturing process and now uses the Delta platform for the vehicle. It was created as a replacement for the Pontiac Torrent and sits below the Acadia in terms of size.


  1. The GMC Terrain’s Debut

The world was first introduced to the GMC Terrain in April 2019 at the New York International Auto Show. After GM shut down their Pontiac brand in 2010, this was designed as a replacement for the Torrent. Since this time, there have been various updates to the vehicle, including new trims and improvements to the interior of the vehicle. Drivers of the Denali also enjoy blind-spot warnings and cross-traffic detection.


  1. A Natural Gas Version of the GMC Terrain

Back in 2013, the company also announced that they were going to begin offering a natural gas version of the GMC terrain. This uses Compressed Natural Gas but can run on either gasoline or natural gas for an extended range. Alongside the Chevy Equinox, this was the first vehicle in the US that was approved for direct injection natural gas usage. This is a great option for anyone looking for new and alternative solutions to traditional fuel, and it paved the way for many of the vehicles we see on the roads today.


  1. The GMC Terrain’s Awards

Over the years, the GMC Terrain has won a fair few awards for its reliability and performance. One of the most impressive moments in the vehicle’s history was when it beat out the Toyota RAV4 in the Performance Award from J.C. Power in 2019. This award showcases new models and enhanced features, and the GMC Terrain was crowned the champion in 2019. One of the reasons for this is that the vehicle has a fun and sporty design while also offering a high-performance vehicle. It’s comparable to the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V in many ways and has been a favorite with drivers since its launch.


  1. Common Issues with the GMC Terrain

Of course, no vehicle discussion is complete without some issues to contend with. The GMC Terrain is generally well-reviewed by drivers, but you need to ensure you are aware of the issues you may experience before purchasing this vehicle. We’ve heard stories over the years about malfunctioning airbags, issues with the stability control system, faulty heating and ventilation, and engine / cylinder head problems. You may also find that there are abnormal water pump noises and failing transmission, which can cause you to need extensive maintenance on the vehicle. The sooner you recognize any of these issues, the easier it will be to repair the GMC Terrain.


  1. A Near Twin to the Chevy Equinox

When comparing vehicles to purchase, the one that the GMC Terrain is most commonly discussed alongside is the Chevy Equinox. While the GMC has better transmission and has some great interior design features, the Chevy Equinox is another high-performance vehicle. These two vehicles fall under similar categories, so it’s no surprise that many drivers opt to switch between them when replacing their car.


  1. Sales Data for the GMC Terrain

The GMC Terrain sees steady sales in the US and overseas each year. Current sales figures show a small increase in some years, but the pandemic has naturally taken its effect on the sales as well. In 2017, 85,441 units of the GMC Terrain were sold in the US, and then this increased to 114,311 in 2018. 2019 saw a small drop in sales to 101,470 and then again to 86,020. Of course, this drop in 2020 is likely entirely to do with the lack of car sales across the country, which was the norm during the challenging times we found ourselves in. We expect the sales to soon return to pre-pandemic levels, which will certainly benefit the company as well.


  1. The Future of the GMC Terrain

We are often asked about the future of the GMC Terrain, and the good news is that it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In 2020. The company unveiled a refreshed version of the vehicle, but due to the pandemic and production issues that followed, this was canceled. There was also less demand at the time for an updated version of the GMC Terrain. However, the new 2022 GMC Terrain is now on the market and offers a restyled exterior and improved safety technologies. Drivers can enjoy the new Heads-Up Display and other features, which help to make this vehicle a strong contender still to this date in the small SUV category. We only expect this vehicle to continue receiving updates each year, and we can’t wait to see what changes the brand makes in the future.


There’s so much more to the GMC Terrain than might initially catch your eye. We highly recommend learning more about the pros and cons of this vehicle if you are considering investing in a used one in the near future. While there are some performance issues, it’s a great small SUV for families and individuals. You’ll find that it’s generally very reliable and offers drivers everything they could need for a safe and comfortable ride. If you have a GMC Terrain and need to replace the cylinder heads, then give us a call at 1-800-572-1963.