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Since the start of its production in 2002, the Honda Pilot has been quite popular within the US market. Thanks to the increasing interest in SUVs, more drivers than ever were looking to invest in a family or business car that offered more space and comfort. Today we’re going to head back in time to learn about the history of the Honda Pilot and how you can work to extend the life of your current vehicle by replacing its cylinder heads.

History of the Honda Pilot

Honda has manufactured the Pilot since 2002, offering a mid-size crossover SUV with three rows of seating for larger families. It’s the largest SUV that the company produces and is manufactured currently in Alabama. Previously, it was built in Ontario until 2007 before the work was relocated to the current manufacturing plant. The platform that this SUV uses is shared with the Acura MDX and the Odyssey minivan. It offers light off-road capabilities and excellent handling and was an instant success upon its launch during the model year 2003.


North America Sales History for the Honda Pilot

Just two years after its launch, the sales figures for the Honda Pilot were some of the company’s highest, with the company selling over 143,000 units in 2005 alone. Sales remained over the 100,000 unit mark until 2009, where there was a small drop to 89,000 units. They reached their peak again in 2018, when over 159,000 units were sold in one year. Last year, the company sold 99,000 units, showing just how popular this vehicle remains even after 20 years on the market.


Why Has The Honda Pilot Been Successful In The North America Market For So Many Years?

The Honda Pilot has been very popular within the US market for the past 20 years, thanks to the demand for large vehicles that are ideal for families with kids or business owners who need more space. Due to its combination of space, easy driving and versatility, the Honda Pilot was an almost immediate success upon its launch. With minimal complaints and excellent reviews for the vehicle, it’s no surprise that sales have been consistent year after year for the Honda Pilot.


What are the Engine Specs and Towing Capacity for a Honda Pilot?

The fourth-generation Honda Pilot debuted in November, 2022 and offers a 3.5-liter V6 engine. This engine provides drivers with 285 horsepower and six cylinders to create a powerful vehicle. The towing capacity of the Honda Pilot is a maximum of 3,500 pounds for 2WD models, and this capacity increases to 5,000 pounds with the Pilot AWD. It’s recommended that you use premium unleaded fuel when towing over 3,5000 pounds and you’ll find a variety of towing accessories available at dealerships and online.


Driver Reviews Honda Pilot

As you can tell from the vehicle’s impressive sales figures, the Honda Pilot is a very popular vehicle for the company. Drivers appreciate how much space the vehicle has, which makes it ideal for families who have outgrown their current car. The vehicle also has excellent towing capabilities and there are many accessories available. Drivers appreciate how easy driving and handling of the vehicle are, making this vehicle ideal for anyone who is driving an SUV for the first time.


Common Problems with the Honda Pilot

Although the Honda Pilot is a very popular vehicle, there are some complaints from drivers. One of the issues that can be a major problem with this SUV is a cylinder misfire, which happens as a result of incomplete combustion inside of the engine cylinders. The vehicle usually starts to feel like it’s shaking when you start running the car, but you might also see an indication light that something is wrong. Other complaints have come about after safety inspections for the vehicle, where it has been rated poor for its structure and the overlap frontal offset.


Honda Pilot Issues with Cylinder Misfire – What is a Cylinder Misfire?

Cylinder misfire is an issue that many drivers have reported over the years, but it isn’t too common that the company has had to recall the vehicle or take serious action. A cylinder misfire is when the combustion process isn’t completed in the engine cylinders, which leaves the vehicle shaking or hesitating as you start the engine. You’ll usually need to replace your cylinder heads as a result of this, which can be expensive to do with a professional mechanic.


Replacing Honda Pilot Cylinder Heads

If you do need to replace your Honda Pilot cylinder heads, then you’ll find that you either have the option to complete the work alone or outsource the job to a professional mechanic. This work can be a very costly task, setting you back about $2,000 – $3,000 for parts and labor. The good news is you can save money on this work by DIYing it yourself. This video gives you instructions on how to remove a cylinder head from a Honda Pilot as demonstrated on a 2005 Honda Pilot model.


Don’t Buy a New Car – Extend the Life of your Honda Pilot with New Cylinder Heads

Buying a new car isn’t always the best option when it comes to engine damage. Instead, you can extend the life of your Honda Pilot with new or refurbishedcylinder heads. By spending the money on these cylinder heads, you can enjoy driving your Honda Pilot for many more years, saving a fortune in the long run. It’s a great option if there are no other issues with your current vehicle and you don’t want to lose a vehicle that brings you and your family a lot of convenience and joy.

The Honda Pilot has been an extremely popular vehicle for the company for over twenty years now. With the new generations of the vehicle, more people have continued to be introduced to the Honda Pilot and the sales are still very high for an SUV in the US. By replacing the cylinder heads, you can extend the life of your current vehicle and keep enjoying the reliability and ease of handling that this SUV offers for many years to come.


New and Refurbished Heads from Clearwater Cylinder

If you are the owner or trusted mechanic of a Honda Pilot, then please call us so we can help you select the right heads for your specific vehicle and situation. Clearwater Cylinder Head offers both new or refurbished Honda Pilot cylinder heads for sale. Locating the casting number on your Honda Pilot engine or existing cylinder head will help us to identify the correct cylinder head(s).