Saab 900 History and Cylinder Head Replacement

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The Saab 900 is an older car model from Sweden with a loyal following that was produced from 1978 to 1998. This sedan is mid-sized and came in 2 and 4-door options along with 3 and 5-door hatchback variations. This vehicle came as the next step after the Saab 99 and added a whole new look and technology to make sure it stood above its predecessor with notable improvements.

Visually, the Saab 900 seldom changed over two decades within its newer versions. However, the engine power was upgraded to a great degree adding a tone of freshness to it for each iteration during its lifespan in production. The Turbo model was available when the car launched, which was a bold and fascinating move when the automotive world was not used to the concept of a super-fast engine in a sedan. Another appeal of the vehicle was despite how much power it housed and how intricate it could be, it was incredibly durable. If you are currently driving a Saab 900 in 2020, you know what we mean.

The highest known mileage on a Saab 900 was recorded by Peter Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert, who is from Wisconsin, drove his 1989 Saab 900 SPG over 1 million miles. Incidentally, his car is now at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum, which is Wisconsin’s largest auto museum and proudly showcases “transportation history.” Automobile Magazine also did a story in August 2019 on  Bill Holbert, who drove his 1979 Saab 900 EMS 890,000 miles.

Indeed, the Saab 900 was considered ahead of its time with the many different consumer friendly design choices and options. The 900 turbo model option had an engine designed to have a better fuel economy than other V8s and was coined “a muscle car with a social conscience”.


Saab 900 Awards and Recognitions


  • Top Choice in annual “Car of the Year” reader poll – Autoweek Magazine, USA
  • Annual Special Prize To Saab Safeseat – Motoring Journalists’ Club, Denmark
  • One of the Ten Most Improved Cars And Trucks of 1994 – Syndicated automotive experts Mike Anson and Steven Parker, USA
  • Import Car of the Year 1993/94 in Japan – RJC (Automotive Researchers and Journalists Conference of Japan), Japan
  • Best Buy – Consumers Digest, USA
  • Excellent Swedish Design 1994 – The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design, Sweden
  • Family Car of the Year (900S) – Motoring ’94, Canada
  • Scandinavian Design Prize 1994 – The Scandinavian Design Council (The Nordic Design Centres)
  • Executive Car of the Year 1994 – Portuguese Car Trophy


Saab 900 Cylinder Heads

A car with older models, such as the Saab 900, needs regular engine checks to make sure that everything is running in order. In the event that your beloved Saab 900 now needs a new cylinder head, we are here to help. Clearwater Cylinder Head, Inc. has plenty of replacement options for you to check out, such as this one. With pages of cylinder head replacement options online, you will find what you need when searching for a new cylinder head for your beloved Saab.


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Clearwater Cylinder – The Cylinder Head Experts

As an owner of an older model of a Saab 900, you may be running into problems concerning its cylinder head. If you notice things such as overheating, white smoke appearing when starting the vehicle, excessive oil consumption, low coolant levels, or poor fuel economy you may be in need of a replacement.

Because a cylinder head can be tricky to replace, please call us to make sure you order the correct cylinder head. We accept orders online or via phone. We would be more than happy to assist you and get you back on the road with our selection of replacements.

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