Chrysler Town & Country Minivan History and Cylinder Heads

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History of the Town and Country Minivan

The Chrysler brand has been home to many recognizable and successful vehicles over its expansive history and lays claim to many celebrated models. One of those vehicles that many Americans may know is Chryslers’ Town & Country.

The Town and Country is a minivan that got its start in 1989 and ended with its last model in 2016. This innovative minivan started out strong with many shining features, such as: including power windows and locks, seven-passenger seating, roof luggage rack, and front and rear air conditioning.

This vehicle was a response to U.S. families needing larger transportation for their group. When launched, the Town and Country competed in the U.S. market with the Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan.

Feature Spotlight: Town & Country Seating

Throughout the years, the Town and Country listened to buyer feedback and improved over each model. One of their more popular innovations is how their seating was different than any other car at the time. This upgrade was done to enhance interior flexibility and included methods, such as:

  • “Captain Chairs” instead of the partial bench to back seats
  • Integrated child safety seats
  • Easy-out roller seats for easy repositioning and removal
  • Seating that folded into under floor compartments
  • Swivel seating

Town & Country Awards and Recognitions

  • J.D. Power and Associates – Highest Ranked Minivan in Initial Quality
  • Consumer Digest – Best Buy
  • IHS Automotive – For 14 Years, Winner of Polk Automotive Loyalty Award in Minivan category
  • Detroit News – 10th Year in a Row, the 2015 Town and Country is ranked Best Family Hauler
  • Texas Auto Writers Association – Minivan of Texas and the Best Family Car of Texas
Town & Country U.S. Sales History

The Town & Country minivan was quite popular in the U.S. between 2001 and 2008.

2016 – 62,724
2015 – 93,848
2014 – 138,040
2013 – 122,288
2012 – 111,744
2011 – 94,320
2010 – 112,275
2009 – 84,558
2008 – 118,563
2007 – 138,151
2006 – 159,105
2005 – 180,759
2004 – 142,523
2003 – 140,007
2002 – 126,378
2001 – 142,902
2000 – 99,252
1999 – 71,957
1998 – 71,981
1997 – 76,653
1996 – 84,828
1995 – 50,733
1994 – 33,656
1993 – 27,402
1992 – 16,905
1991 – 5,236
1990 – 2,891
1989 – 1,812


Chrysler Town & Country High Mileage Stories

Even though it is a minivan, the Town and Country has plenty of satisfied owners who have gotten a lot of miles out of their minivan. Aunesty Reikofski wrote an article in 2016 where they boasted about how their Town and Country has over 135,000 miles on it! She talks about extensive road trips and how excited she is that their minivan has withstood the test of distance. In the comments, a lot of people discuss their own Town and Country stories with some describing that their own minivans have mileages such as 175,000. 236.000. And even 387,000 miles!

The Importance of Cylinder Heads in a Chrysler Town & Country (or any minivan)

Cylinder heads are an essential part of a minivan. Properly working heads ensure that the engine operates in good health. Located on top of the cylinder block on the engine, this combustion chamber can house components, such as the valves, spark plugs, and fuel injectors. It also has intake and exhaust valves to let the air escape as well as holes to allow coolant from the radiator and oil to flow through to the engine.

If your cylinder head is damaged or becomes cracked, then in a worst-case scenario you may need a total engine replacement. Read our article on how to tell if a cylinder head is bad.

When putting many miles on your vehicle, parts naturally wear out over time. It’s important to check for signs of cracking or damage so you can stay ahead of the issue and replace the cylinder head before further damage to other essential engine components is caused as a result. Some possible signs of a damaged cylinder head include:

  • Oil or coolant leaks
  • Vehicle overheating
  • Smoke coming from the hood of your vehicle
  • A weak or misfiring engine

Regular visits to a trusted local car mechanic can help prevent several engine and cylinder head problems.

Buy Replacement Town & Country Cylinder Heads

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