Cylinder Heads for the Chevrolet 350 Small Block Engine

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Once you look for advice for small block engine replacement options, you may hear “Put a 350 in it” most often, whether from your best gearhead friends or professional mechanics. The “350” mentioned above is the Chevrolet 350, GM’s most enduring V8 engine and “One of the 10 best engines of the 20th Century”, as titled by automotive magazine Ward’s AutoWorld. Below are the top reasons, among many, behind Chevy 350’s enduring popularity.

Incredible power

GM’s first attempt in introducing small-block engines was the appearance of the 265 Turbo Fire V8 in 1955. This innovative and technically advanced masterpiece produced almost twice as much power as its current competitor – the old Ford Flathead. However, GM was not officially made a standard-bearer in the industry until 12 years later, in 1967, when the Chevy 350 was born.

The small-block Chevy 350 gained its reputation as a powerhouse designated for muscle cars in no time. As a small and light engine, Chevy 350 put out horsepower ranges from 145 to even more than 370. Chevy 350’s outstanding performance is what has made it stand the test of time. First, it went on to power a whole range of classic Chevys. Then, through 3 generations, it took over as the largest engine offering for most of GM’s passenger cars. Now, 52 years since it first debuted, the Chevy 350 is still many engine enthusiasts’ favorite.

Reliable engine

Chevy is a quiet, reliable engine that never seems to require much attention. It remains dependable and just keeps running even being driven in tough conditions or operating for long hours straight (we are talking about you road trippers). The 350’s durability is so great that in February 2008, a 1991 Chevrolet C1500 pickup was reported to make 1 million miles without any major repairs to its small block engine. That is how Chevy 350 defines “longevity”.

It is not limited to just Chevrolet’s vehicles

Chevrolet 350 has earned a reputation for usability in a variety of applications. You can possibly find Chevy 350 in just about any vehicles, on land, sea, or air, of any other brands. That is why “put a 350 in it” becomes a familiar phrase. When it comes to transplanted engines, Chevy 350 is one of the best candidates.

Whether build, replace or repair, it would not break your bank

The Chevy 350 was never a fancy engine that cost you a headache to purchase it. Not designed to impress, it stays humble as a reliable engine with a reasonable price that would perform for every single dollar invested. The mass production of Chevy 350 made it affordable and easily attainable for swaps of all kinds.

The Chevy 350 engine remains one of the most rebuilt, upgraded, tuned and reworked engines in history because of these three very good reasons: it is easy to build and rebuild, performance is increased significantly after modifications, and many parts are readily available.

Replacing Cylinder Heads for Chevy 350

As durable as it is, Chevy 350 is not a problem-free engine. Among all engine problems, the most common and costly job is repairing blown or cracked cylinder heads.

Cylinder heads are influential factors in any successful high-performance engine. They control the air and fuel flows inside the cylinder while also allowing the exhaust gases to flow out of it. Moreover, they play important roles in cooling down the engine components. Therefore, with cracked cylinder heads, your engine will experience a substantial loss of power and the harmful mixing of antifreeze and engine oil. At worst, it results in a severely damaged engine that requires replacement.

Repairing a worn down Chevy 350’s cylinder heads would not break your bank, therefore don’t give up on your engine. Just make sure you consult professionals to view all Chevy 350 cylinder heads for sale. Clearwater Cylinder Head Inc. (CCH) is a reputable, experienced (over 25 years) dealer. We specialize in providing quality and warranty-backed rebuilt cylinder heads for a variety of vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, etc). With a massive online catalog, you can easily view our inventory of Chevy 350 cylinder heads. The knowledgeable staff at CCH would also be happy to help you choose the cylinder head that is right for your needs. Contact Clearwater Cylinder Head Inc. toll-free at 1-800-572-1963.

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