Dodge Ram Trucks History, Cylinder Heads, and High Mileage Benefits

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The Dodge Ram Pickup is a full-size pickup truck that has been manufactured under many different manufacturer names, such as Chrysler LLC, FCA US LLC, Chrysler Group LLC, and more. As one of the most recognizable pickup trucks on the planet, the Dodge Ram has been on the market since 1981 and continues to be a popular choice for a plethora of reasons.

The Ram started off with powerful engines with specs, such as a 3.7-liter 95-horsepower slant six, a 5.2-liter 140 horsepower V8, and a 5.9-liter V8 that produced 170 horsepower. Up until Dodge and Ram parted ways in 2009, there had been steady improvements added to each generation of vehicle including: electronic fuel injection in 1989, the grand size of the 1994 model, and the increased engine power for each iteration. Dodge and Ram are now focusing on their own models. But, they have left a mark with the Dodge Ram that many won’t forget.

RAM Awards and Recognitions

The Ram pickup has won Motor Trend magazine’s Truck of the Year seven times. The Dodge Ram won this esteemed award in the years 1994, 2003, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2019, and 2020. 

Dodge Ram Sales Figures (United States)

The Dodge Ram has enjoyed high sales numbers in the U.S. market. There is a reason why you almost always see a RAM truck when driving around town.

1996 –  383,980                      

1997 –  350,257                      

1998 –  410,999                      

1999 –  428,930                      

2000 –  380,874

2001 –  344,538

2002 –  396,934

2003 –  449,371

2004 –  426,289

2005 –  400,543

2006 –  364,177

2007 –  358,295

2008 –  245,840

2009 –  177,268

Who Drives a Dodge Ram?

The Dodge Ram is a popular truck outfitted for many different lifestyles, even those of the rich and famous. Some notable celebrities who drive or have driven a Ram Truck are:

  • Tom Brady
  • Ben Affleck
  • Larry the Cable Guy
  • Paulie Teutel
  • Amber Marshall

Benefits of High Mileage Potential Vehicles

Owning a high mileage potential vehicle or buying one is a great idea as they come with many benefits. Purchasing a vehicle at higher mileage means that the depreciation curve has had a chance to flatten out, which makes it a great economical decision (especially when compared to the sticker prices of new pickup trucks in 2020). Not only is the vehicle at a lower purchasing price, but you will also be able to sell it at a similar price in the future if you ever decide to let it go. It’s almost like free driving (if you ignore gasoline and insurance costs).

People used to think 100,000 miles is a death sentence for a vehicle. But, now cars and trucks can reach upwards and over 200,000 miles with proper care. In 2020 U.S. consumers are more confident in their automakers and feel that a high mileage used vehicle is not necessarily a dealbreaker. High mileage potential vehicles are quality made vehicles. Watch the video below to see what a million-mile Dodge Ram owner has to say about his high mileage RAM.


To keep your truck running for a long time and get to that high mileage number safely, be sure to follow these tips.

  • Drive carefully
  • Replace your parts with high quality replacement parts (don’t be tempted by cheap parts made in China)
  • Fix any problems or mechanical issues immediately
  • Keep the vehicle clean

Dodge RAM Cylinder Heads

Older pickup trucks, such as the Dodge Ram, need regular maintenance and care to reach 300,000 or 400,000 miles. Regardless of mileage, parts can deteriorate with age, even with excellent care and maintenance. (especially depending on your climate)

A truck that has high mileage is more at risk to have a cracked cylinder head especially if the original cylinder heads have never been replaced / refurbished. Cylinder heads house the other components of the engine and allow for fluids and gases to move correctly within the engine. If your cylinder head is cracked, it can cause other issues for your vehicle which can ultimately be more detrimental to your vehicle and more expensive to repair.

Fortunately, Clearwater Cylinder Heads has plenty of experience and replacement options for a Dodge Ram, such as this cylinder head and this head. It’s important to find a high-quality cylinder head for your Dodge Ram, especially if your truck has higher mileage. (or if you have high mileage aspirations)

A high-quality cylinder head replacement is an investment that will ensure the other parts of your engine are running smoothly as well as avoid frequent / recurring cylinder head repairs and replacements. With pages of options online, you will find what you need when searching for a new cylinder head for your beloved RAM at

Dodge Ram Cylinder Head Misfires and Error Codes

Like any vehicle, the Dodge Ram can experience misfires and errors that can leave you scratching your head. Your RAM owner’s manual will have the code defined. Of course, it’s helpful to know what the error codes are at a glance if you happen to see them. The codes displayed are called OBD2, or on-board diagnostics, which refer to the vehicle’s ability to self diagnose any problems.

Error Code P0307 “Misfire Detected”

  • This error indicates that your 7th cylinder (in your at least 7 cylinder engine) has misfired. This misfire can be caused by bad spark plugs, plug wires, or coil packs.

Error Code P0300

  • This code means that your cylinder heads are randomly misfiring. Normally, this code will likely be accompanied by codes P0301-P0308 which further determine exactly which cylinder is having an issue. This code can be caused and/or accompanied by low fuel pressure, vacuum leak, ignition problems, and more engine problems.

Buy Replacement RAM Heads from the Cylinder Head Experts

If you notice your RAM engine overheating, white smoke appearing when starting the vehicle, excessive oil consumption, low coolant levels, or poor fuel economy, then you may be in need of a cylinder head replacement for your RAM truck. Since a cylinder head can be tricky to replace, Clearwater Cylinder Head Inc. recommends enlisting the help of a professional mechanic. With over 25 years of experience and a massive catalog of cylinder heads, Clearwater Cylinder Heads can work with you and your mechanic to get your RAM back up and running to achieve your high mileage dreams. Please call Clearwater Cylinder Head Inc. toll-free at 1-800-572-1963 with any questions about purchasing replacement heads for your RAM truck.