Lincoln Town Car History and Cylinder Heads

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The Lincoln Town Car is a well-known model from Lincoln with its slick and easily recognizable design. Its classy look was inspired by limousines all while being smaller and more affordable. This four-door sedan incorporated design elements of many of the other popular cars at the time, such as the Ford Panther and the Mercury Grand Marquis. Production initiated in 1981 and continued with three generations before finally ending in 2011.


Will a Town Car Fit in My Garage?

In many cases, the Lincoln Town Car would not fit in the garage of a typical U.S. home. Between 1997 to 2011, the Town Car was the longest mass-produced car in North America. (approximately 220 inches long / over 18 feet long). The average 2-car garage in the U.S is 20 feet deep so a Town Car often does not fit or is a very tight squeeze in a garage.

In addition to being a long car, the Town Car has had many different interesting variants. The Touring edition featured a dual-exhaust 239 hp V8, heavy-duty KONI shocks, revised suspension bushings, wider 16-inch wheels with 235 mm tires, a 3.55 rear-axle ratio, and revised steering tuning. Each new edition or Town Car variation provided updated safety features that made it more appealing to families. The Lincoln Town Car will always be remembered as an affordable luxury styled vehicle that turned heads wherever it was on the road no matter the variant or edition.


Town Car Awards and Recognitions

  • 1990 Motor Trend Car of the Year
  • Forbes magazine’s best cars to be chauffeured in
  • Presidential State Car
  • First production sedan in the world to receive US five-star crash ratings in every category


1983 Lincoln Town Car – Chet Belisle

Nobody is as big of a fan of the Lincoln Town Car as Chet Belisle who has driven the same vehicle for 25 years claiming it has never broken down on him once. What is most impressive is that he has clocked in 1.3 million miles on this single car. He has been tracking and documenting his miles since he first bought the car which started with only 53 miles. He’s rebuilt the engine, transmission, and has been consistently replacing every part that has needed to be fixed in order to keep his beloved car running. Chet Belisle still claims to be able to get 22 miles per gallon after all of this time which is an impressive feat. He claims that he will drive this car until it finally breaks down, but who knows how long that will be with such a dedicated man taking care of it.


Lincoln Town Car Limo Spotlight

If you have seen a Lincoln Town Car, then you may have spotted its limo form as its luxury look is very appealing for the job. The Town Car was used for the limo business especially because its frame made it easy to split and extend to give it the room for more people. Ford had made it so third parties would easily be able to do it so they didn’t have to upend their assembly lines. When Ford decided to discontinue the Town Car the industry was distraught, but Ford tried to ease worries by having the popular MKT vehicle available to purchase and use for their needs.


Cylinder Heads for Sale

Cars that have older models such as the Lincoln Town Car and Lincoln Town Car Limo need regular engine checks to make sure everything is running properly. Clearwater Cylinder Heads has plenty of replacement options for different models to check out. With pages of cylinder head options for sale online, you will find what you need when searching for a new cylinder head for your beloved vehicle.


Cylinder Head Replacement Experts

As an owner or mechanic of an older model of a Lincoln Town Car or even a Lincoln Town Car Limo, then you may be running into problems concerning its cylinder head. If you notice issues, such as overheating, white smoke appearing when starting the vehicle, excessive oil consumption, low coolant levels, or poor fuel economy, then you may need to replace the cylinder heads.

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